FloGard+Plus™ catch basin insert

Maintenance of catch basin filter insert

FloGard+Plus™ catch basin insert

Stormwater Drainage
Helping you to comply with stormwater regulations…

Kristar Enterprises, Inc
is a full-service company. Through an extensive network of representatives nationwide, Kristar manufactures, sells, installs and maintains a wide range of stormwater management products for both “course of construction” and “post construction” applications.

“Course of construction” products include rice straw and excelsior fiber rolls (wattles), as well as numerous other sedimentation control devices. Kristar also offers an extensive line of “post construction” filtration systems ranging from the FloGard+Plus™ line of catch basin filter inserts, to the FloGard™ Dual Vortex Hydrodynamic Separator.

Through their maintenance division, Drainage Protection Systems, Kristar provides comprehensive maintenance programs for their own, as well as all other types of storm water treatment systems.

For more information, visit their website at www.kristar.com or contact KriStar by phone at 800 579 8819.



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